My Vegas Business Review

My Vegas BusinessTroy Arnold is massively rich “Gazillionaire” (my term for loaded!) Vegas entrepreneur who has been running a multitude of multi-million dollar businesses for many years. he has recently released a new “turn-key business” called “My Vegas Business” which is basically like a franchise of his successful Vegas tourist businesses.

Here’s the Official My Vegas Business Website…

So, once you join you get a fully built affiliate website, with free hosting on Troy’s servers, and you get access to the website and the “back office” control panel pretty much immediately… Then it is simply a matter of driving traffic to the website. When visitors book Vegas hotel rooms or any of a number of Vegas related products, you as the website owner/affiliate get a nice commish (commish stands for commission, if you want to get into this stuff you gotta know the lingo… Well actually you don’t but it’s FUN!)

Is My Vegas Business Recommended?

What’s cool about My Vegas Business is that Troy actually has some pretty insane deals that he is able to hook customers up with as a result of his close relationships with Vegas hotel owners and super high profile business people.

So the “franchise” sites that you get to use are actually set up to sell. They are optimized. They are really good looking, and they have all of the infrastructure in place – so that if you send the traffic, they should make a fair bit of dough…

The traffic part is what can mess paople up, and realistically it will probably take new folks a while to build up consistent, heavy traffic flows, but as Troy points out the traffic IS out there searching for deals on Vegas (45,000,000 searches per month…) so just a slice of that can definitely add up to some good commish.

The other cool thing is that there is a whole video training center that shows you how to get traffic using the same methods Troy’s business has been using successfully.

This part isn’t high lighted as much, but it’s actually really cool because these aren’t the same old outdated “traffic getting strategies” you may have already heard about if you’ve been in IM for any length of time. These are actually cool, little known strategies that I plan on utilizing for some of my own businesses… So as a side benefit you’ll learn some really useful traffic gen. skills.

All in all, if you are looking for a EASY way to get set up with a turnkey affiliate business, I’d definitely get in on this as it’s just about the most “done for you” thing I’ve seen…

They basically hold your hand through all the training, so it’s great for somebody who needs solid support and doesn’t want to build a business from scratch. Click here to get your copy of My Vegas Business now!