Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Suite – Is This The Future Of Video Marketing??

Josh's EVS

A look inside Josh’s Easy Video Suite…

Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Suite has just been released and everybody who works with online video is fired up about this one!

By now you probably know more or less what EVS is all about. Even if you somehow missed the walk through videos Joshua released leading up to the launch of Easy Video Suite you have still  undoubtedly heard everyone getting excited about this rather remarkable piece of “drag-n-drop” video marketing software.

In case, you need a refresher, Easy Video Suite basically provide you the end user with a complete solution to all of your video marketing needs allowing you not only to record a video, but also to instantly convert it into multiple versions so that it can play on any computer or mobile device. Cool right? Well it keeps getting better! Check this out, once it’s been converted, the EVS player then automatically detects what device a viewer is using and servers them the appropriate version of your video. Huh, what, seriously? Yes, EVS in GANGSTER!

Oh, and then EVS gives you up to the minute analytical data via your EVS dashboard so you can see how many views your video is getting, track viewer engagement so you can see how far through the video they watched etc… You can even run split tests with EVS!

So the fact that EVS does the work on Camtasia, Handbrake, Wistia, and several other programs that wasn’t enough, it’s also loaded with all kinds of snazzy features like social sharing buttons, Facebook comments, a whole bunch of neat widgets, skins, and animations. For instance you can make the video literally FLY in to the webpage you are playing it on…

Did I mention that the video is also automatically published to it’s own webpage where you can add a delayed “buy now button” and tons of other cutting edge stuff with a “drag-and-drop” page builder…?

Did I mention that Josh is coming out with IPhone and Android apps for everyone who gets Easy Video Suite so you record, convert, and upload a video to your EVS dashboard from your phone…?

The Verdict on Josh’s Easy Video Suite…

This is not the sort of program that you need a “pros and cons” list for…

Joshua Bartlett’s Easy Video Suite is, without a doubt, the evolution of video marketing and the FUTURE of video marketing.

This is going to make working with online video much, much easier in 2013… And much more fun. Highly recommended! Click Here grab your copy of  Easy Video Suite!