Who Is Jamie Lewis And What Is The Story With His “Income With Jamie” Marketing Course?

Jamie Lewis is a really well internet marketer who has been working in the online space for over ten years, generating over 10 million dollars in revenue as both an affiliate marketer and product creator. For the past few years Jaime has also been coaching students via live personal training webinars where he teaches the marketing strategies that he has used to build his marketing empire.

Here’s a video of Jamie explaining his Income With Jaime course:


A lot of people seem like to like Jamie because he seems like a regular guy, rather than a hot-shot marketer. He is also seen as somebody who actually understands what it takes to get started with affiliate marketing since he has worked in the trenches and earn the bulk of his money as a niche marketer rather than a marketing coach.

The Income With Jamie course includes 24 Weeks of Live Personal Training, 1-on-1 consultations, free traffic methods, access to recordings of all classes, as well as a 60 day money back guarantee.

Is Jaime Lewis’ Marketing Course Recommended, And If So Who Would It Be Good For?

Personally I like Jaime a lot, and think that he is a great coach to learn from.

Furthermore, the fact that he offers ongoing training, week after week is really important because it holds you accountable to make sure that you are staying on course so that you don’t get distracted, and so that you do all the steps that you need to do in order to start driving a lot of sales every day…

As far as who it would be a good course for, definitely anybody who is just starting out with marketing would learn a ton from this course because it gives you the solid foundation you need to get things rolling. Then, anybody else who is looking for new strategies that they might not have been using should definitely check it out to, more advanced marketers know that even just one little nugget that they pick up can mean a ton of extra revenue adding up over time.

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