What is Instant Internet Paydays, and what can it do for my business?

If you are an internet business owner, or somebody who has wanted to build an online marketing business then this is something that you will want to read more about. Instant Internet Paydays is a training program and tool kit designed by a couple of very successful internet marketers who have generated over 8 million dollars online since 2007.

This program is really different than many of the other online marketing programs that you may have heard about because it’s not just a training course that tells you how to sell other peoples products (affiliate marketing) or even how to do product creation. Instead – this program actually provides you with 4 fully designed websites, 4 complete products and 4 professionally written pieces of sales copy (to sell the products with).

Then, the program also comes with training tutorials to help you get everything set up so that you don’t need to worry about figuring out the technical side of things.

Time To Get PAID!

Is this a recommended resource?

Couple things to note about this program…

The first is that the copy that is provided with this course was written by the same guy that has written the copy for Andrew and Matt (the program creators). These guys have done 8 mil plus in five years, and trust me, you need killer copy to do that.

In the video on their website (click here to watch) they claim that if you were going to get a copywriter to write your sales copy that it would cost 2k per letter. Honestly this is probably an underestimate because they don’t think that the average customer would even believe how much good copy costs. (It can EASILY cost 15K plus a percentage of sales to get a top copywriter to work with you.)

So the price for the copy alone is pretty awesome…

If there is anything negative I can say it would be that the course is in no way a complete answer to all of you business issues. How on earth could it be for the price they are asking?

If you want to run a successful business, web-based or otherwise I  would definitely recommend reading a lot of good books on business management. I read business books day and night and they have been critical in allowing me to build a six figure business.

That said, this program is a great resource in that it provides you with the key building blocks needed to get your business up and running. And with that I HIGHLY recommend you: Click here to get access to Instant Internet Paydays…