eCash Opinions Review

What exactly is eCash Opinions?

eCash Opinions is a website/web service that basically hooks you up with companies and marketing panels that are looking to pay people for their opinions. You sign up and then get access to their database which is “exclusive” meaning that you will not be able to get access to all of these businesses elsewhere. Then, it’s as simple as clicking on links, taking surveys, and then telling them where to send your paypal payment/check.

Is eCash Opinions reputable?

Good question. It is definitely wise to be wary of business that try to tell you that you can “get rich” for doing practically nothing. However, the businesses listed with are real corporations that really are doing market research, and they do pay out for people taking part in their surveys. Further, this program offers a 60 guarantee via there payment processor, so if customers don’t feel like they are getting their money’s worth they can issue a refund. That said, evidently most people are happy with this service since they have been in business for quite a while now and are considered by many to be the “premier” market research platform.

Should I try eCash Opinions?

That all depends… The truth is that MOST people who join these kinds of services never follow through and take enough surveys to really make a lot of money. They just sign up and kind of forget about it. So I would say, if you can follow through and actually take enough surveys to cover the cost and then some then it’s probably a smart idea. After all there  is only one tiny one time payment, so after that everything you make is pure profit. If you went all out and took fifty surveys a week, at twenty bucks a pop that’s a cool grand a week (just an estimate…)

So give it a try! Click Here to try out eCash Opinions…