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What Is The "Commodity Robot"? ...My Review Tells You The FACTS!

If you’re someone who is really interested in commodity trading, or any sort of automated trading for that matter, then you definitely need  to check out this new “cyborg” commodity trading program “Commodity Robot”. This is a brand new system, and in fact this is the first time that a piece of software capable of automated commodity trading has EVER been available.

First of all, if you have any experience in Forex, you know who Mike S. and Steve H. are and you also know they’re the real deal given their track record of success (These are the FIRST guys to bring automated Forex trading to the masses). That’s why when I heard about their latest trading robot, I knew I had to do a review.

The robot works seemlessly with your MT 4 platform to make fully automated trades in up to 7 commodities—gold, silver, copper, palladium, oil, coffee and bitcoin—all at the same time! … The number of commodities you can trade with the robot depends on the license you choose. (Here’s a video where one of the developers talks about how it works…)

Commodity Robot Movie

Is this sounding pretty cool? The whole point of the software is that the trading process will be completely automated, so that the robot  does all the work for you… This means you can use it, without needing to turn into some kind of expert in trading commodities. And while I’d assume most people reading this are already trading part time if not full time, the fact is that you don’t need any experience to take advantage of this software, since all the work is being performed for you by a sophisticated algorithm.

The Basic Info:

Here’s a rundown of the different plans you can choose from:

  • The Basic Plan—with this plan you can trade in oil, gold and silver.
  • Deluxe Plan— allows you to trade in oil, gold, silver, copper, or coffee.
  • Premium Plan—with this plan you can trades oil, gold, silver, copper, coffee, bitcoin, and palladium.
  • Ultimate Plan—trades everything, PLUS you get 24/7 one-on-one support, a direct programmers connection, an UNLIMITED trade balance, and yearly performance meetings for 5 years: Hotel stay included (flight at own expense).

Here’s the deal on these different plans. If you’re a beginner, I would obviously recommend getting a feel for the program to see if it’s right for you. So, if that describes you, I would start off with the basic plan. (Unless of course you’ve got the budget and are ready to go “all in”, if you stick with this I think you’ll be happy with the results you are gonna get no matter what level you come in at!)

If you’re a more experienced trader, I would recommend choosing between the premium and ultimate plans to maximize diversification and potential.  Note that as I just mentioned the Ultimate Plan comes with some added benefits–there’s no maximum trade account balance (it’s unlimited), you have access one-on-one round the clock customer support, and yearly meetings (with hotel stay paid for you) are also included.

The Advantages:

Well, for one the software is fully automated to allow trading in quite a diverse set of commodities simultaneously.  That alone makes this a completely unique way of trading commodities.  Also, you can’t beat the ease of use on this since all you have to do is set up the software.  Did I mention the software does all the heavy lifting for you?

And of course there’s the fact that the software works 24/7, so you can be trading away while you’re sleeping! Think about that one for a second… I don’t know about you, but I really like that idea! (Automated trading is the BOMB yo!)

Another advantage is this–like I mentioned, you don’t have to know anything about trading or investing. The software trades from your account based on a sophisticated set of data analysis to predict variations, so it’s like you’ve got your own team of experts analyzing variations in the market to do all the work for you.

A Disadvantage?

Well, of course, as with anything in life, there are risks involved. I guess that would fall under the category of “disadvantage.” Then again, risk is simply a fact of life with anything that has a chance to reap rewards. The only difference here though is that you have a sophisticated software platform doing the all heavy lifting for you and it’s specifically designed to minimize the risk of loss! Hmmmm… In the end, in my opinion, I like those odds.


In the end, I would say this is absolutely the real deal… I highly recommend this program for anyone who’s looking to get started with investing in commodities… Or anyone whose already trading commodities who wants a hell of an edge.

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