Chris Carpenter’s “Info Cash 2.0” Review – Is It Legit?

NOTE: Chris Carpenter has just (as of 7/22/2014) released an updated version “Info Cash 2.0″… This new version includes a lot of new material and some substantial upgrade to the original version which was launched in 2013, and I have updated this review to reflect those changes.

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Make it RAIN!

Make it RAIN!

So, the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard about this program was that I STRONGLY dislike the name. Really, “info cash”… really… I mean call me an elitist, but I just prefer programs not to have the word “cash” in the title of them. But, I guess that the title makes this appeal to those interested in more cash, and really who doesn’t like the green stuff, so I guess I’ll let Chris C. slide, this time.

The original course was is Chris C’s big “return from retirement” gift for all those out there looking to get more easy affordable traffic that they can turn into, well, cash.

If you missed out on Google Cash, Chris’ best seller from a few years back, then you may not know the whole back story on this guy. Basically Chris is one of the first people to find HUGE success with Adwords, and then he became one of the best known teachers out there to show others how to crush it on that platform.

In Info Cash Chris has laid out a new plan of attack using a lot of the same basic concepts that he taught pre-retirement and then applying them to the current online playing field. The program consists of in depth video training as well as written content, mind maps, flow charts and so forth, all of which is available digitally through a members only website.

I know a lot of newbies get intimidated by that kind of stuff, so here’s my take on it… If you are content staying at 5 figures or low six figures, then you probably don’t really need to worry about the second two phases. But if you want high six figures or beyond then you will need to step it up. I don’t know too many marketers that do 7 figures without email lists and their own products (I do know a few, but not many.)

Luckily though, that training is in there if you ever decide to take it to that next level.

What’s New In IC 2.0

There is a ton of new content available inside the new 2.0 version that is discussed in detail on Chris’ site… But I’ll talk about two of the biggest features that I was the most impressed by…

First there is the new custom Facebook Fan Page Builder app, and an app for finding all of the most viral content on Facebook, in any niche that you can then republish on your fan page… This is like nothing I have seen before, and I have seen just about every Facebook marketing tool and app under the sun.

There are also now 3 Phases in the program. The first phase builds off Chris’ Google Cash legacy, with new strategies for driving traffic from the new Facebook/Bing search engine. Basically its a very robust training course for anyone interest in affiliate marketing. But then Phases 2 and 3 go deep into more advanced marketing strategies like email marketing and product creation.

Is Info Cash Legit?

Despite the title, which I don’t think sounds very “legit”. This is a very solid training program.

Chris is an undisputed PPC authority, and his new strategies for driving  Facebook/Bing traffic is one of the hottest, freshest things I’ve heard in a while. definitely something I plan to use for my own business extensively over the next year.

Bing/FB offers a lot of amazing benefits to advertisers, and is just so much more user friendly than a lot of the other options out there.  Plus, it’s FACEBOOK, the #3 most trafficked website in the world, so you can do the math on that one…

Definitely a course worth picking up (and the budget barn price on the standard edition makes this kinda a no brainer…)

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