Anik Singal’s IM Target Review


IM Target is a new internet marketing program from Anik Singal. If you never heard of Anik he has been a big name in the IM world for a long time and he is one of the only big time internet marketers that I know of who has been recognized by prestigious organizations like BusinessWeek Magazine and the Inc 500 for being a hot-shot entrepreneur/marketing mentor.

IM Target is pretty cool because it basically spits in the face of all the “push button software” BS you see all the IM ¬†gurus pushing all the time. Because let me tell you, I bought that push button crap too when I was getting started and it never, ever works. If there was a magic button you could press to make millions, do you really think anyone would be seeling it for less than millions?

So- while IM Target does make use of automation, Anik is honest about what you can expect.

There are a lot of things that you get when you get access to the course (like ongoing training, support, webinars, advanced training courses, etc…) But the core elements are the basic training and the IM Target software itself. When you first sign in you get to watch some very training videos that explain exactly how to use Anik’s system step-by-step. Then you use the software to make the website development easy, and that is the part that stands out the most, to me.

RIDICULOUSLY simple to use, to get your sites set up and actually get them ready to go to start getting you free traffic.

Is IM Target recommended?

It depends.

If you are already doing, say, 5K+ a month then you probably would do better with a more advanced course. If you are at that level then you probably already have a good idea of what you are doing and you will have a bigger budget to use a variety of tools to fine tune your campaigns.

If on the other hand you have less technical skills as far as how to set up websites and drive traffic to them then this is something that you should definitely check out. For instance sometimes when I go on marketing forums I read threads from people who are having a hard time picking a niche, an affiliate network, or even with something like building a WordPress site… If that is you, then this program will help you eliminate those roadblocks and get your sites up and getting traffic right away.

Plus you will undoubtedly learn a lot from the trainings with Anik, the guy has done over 50,000,000 online after all =)

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