What Is Alex Shelton’s Instant Online Profits Software – And What Can It SUPPOSEDLY Do For My Business?

Instant online Profits is a full internet marketing software suite and training course from well known IMer Alex Shelton. As Alex explains in the video posted on his website, he had the software system custom built to help him “scale up” his own affiliate business.

The idea is this… If you can build one website that generated a couple hundred bucks a month, then it should be easy enough to create 10, 20, 50 or even hundreds of similar sites across a range of markets to grow your profits from a couple hundred bucks to a couple thousand or even tens of thousands (Shelton claims to do over 40K per month, consistently using this model.)

So- When you sign up you get access to a members area where Alex has video trainings set up to teach you how to properly use the software. It is very simple… Then you get access to the software the creates unique and customizable affiliate websites and generates targetted traffic. You also get an HD video training course called 10K per month, the $100 A Day Within 30 days quickstart guide, 30 days of email coaching with Alex, and access to Alex’s personal email address to ask him any questions you may have.

Frankly, the fact that he is doing one-on-one coaching is pretty amazing since most marketers at his level either don’t ever do any personalized coaching, or they charge thousands of dollars per day or even per hour for it.

Is Instant Online Profits Recommended? 

Alex himself has said that if you are already making a lot of money with your online business that you probably don’t need this program. As you may know, there are A LOT of profitable online business models you can adopt. So once you have a good one that is cranking along it is often best to stick with it and build it out rather than getting sidetracked.

However, if you aren’t already at $100 a day with your business then this system will definitely provide you with what you need to get there (of course there are NO income promises… But I think you’d have to be pretty dumb not to be able to pull in 3K a month with this if you dedicated yourself to it! But that’s just my OPINION!)

Also, I should note that there are some rather advanced features to the software, so once you have it up and running it is unlikely that you would really “outgrow” it anytime soon as there is a lot to play around with. The 10K training videos get pretty advanced too… So check it out, I think you’ll dig it Click Here For Your Copy of Instant Online Profits…